Fresh Harvest!

Gift Wrapped!

250/500ml (16.9 fl Oz.) Βottle

The perfect gift for your next social occasion! Why bring another bottle of wine or a box of chocolates when you can offer a healthy, cool & beautiful bottle of Papa's Grove?!

Papa's Grove award-winning 100% superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil sparks to life from a blend of specially selected Koroneiki and Manaki varieties from Peloponnese. It balances perfectly the Intensity of aroma and bitterness of Koroneiki with the fruitiness and distinct odour of Manaki. This combination delivers a perfect medium intensity extra virgin olive oil.

Contains notes of herbs, nuts, citrus & fresh cut grass.

Yours within 3 days in Greece, Singapore & Japan... a little longer elsewhere!


Superior Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the slopes of Peloponnese!

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