Why we ARE different

At Papa's Grove, 100% of all olive oil comes out as exceptionally extra virgin (this year’s harvest yielded acidity of 0.21% – an olive oil qualifies as EVOO when its acidity is <0.8%) with all chemical analysis scoring highly and sensory tests receiving highest praises from the industry experts

What further differentiates Papa’s Grove EVOO is:

  • We choose to harvest early - 2nd week October to mid November - pressing mostly unripe green olives. Even though this is the lowest yielding period in terms of quantity of oil and thus uneconomical, this early harvest oil “agoureleo” does in fact, hold the highest amount of polyphenols (anti-oxidants), which give Olive Oil its worldwide-acknowledged health benefits. This also explains why our oil has a distinct peppery lingering bitterness (that is coupled with notes of herbs, nuts, citrus & fresh grass)
  • We use no chemicals whatsoever, during the whole production. Why aren’t we labeled as organic then, you may ask? Well unfortunately in our beloved country bureaucracy and its administrative hustle that comes with high costs, doesn’t always allow us to do what we would like.
  • Our beautiful & sleek bottle is actually painted white, designed specifically to protect the oil from heat and direct light exposure. We do not use transparent bottles that damage gradually the product like our competition & we do not use paper labels that contain chemicals and gather bacteria

Papa’s Grove ensures that you are getting the REAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not only will you be enjoying maximum heath benefits, you will also appreciate the full body and tastes it has to offer. It is simply the perfect sprinkling of liquid gold from our groves to your kitchen, in your dishes and into your hearts!

Watch Papa's Grove Harvest to Bottling process in 2.5 minutes!

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